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Category: Death/memorial (18)

DALEY - Cyril Vivan (Viv/ Captain): Late of Cowley District... view ad

DAVIS- Delroy Lloyd :Age 63. Late of Clarendon, died on... view ad

ALEXANDER- Sydney Errington “Bull Cow”: In Loving Memory of a... view ad

PUSEY- REID - Sonia: Age 67yrs. old. Late of 19... view ad

THOMPSON- Audrey-Anna: Died leaving: Mother Donna, Father Jimmy, Stepfather Patrick,... view ad

CORINTHIAN- HENRY - Ivy (Ms Girlie): In Loving Memory of... view ad

THOMAS - Mrs. Cislyn affectionately known Aunt Cis: Late of... view ad

BARNES - Joyce Hyacinth (Joyce): Late Seaview Gardens, age 59,... view ad

MARTIN- Rupert Bent: Age 75, late of Brooks... view ad

GREGORY- Lola Maud: Late of 8 Constant Spring Grove Farm... view ad

BROWN- Anita (Ms. Nita): Late of Union Lodge P.O St.... view ad

HAMILTON – Amos “Uncle Amos” / “Count”: Late of Retreat,... view ad

DONALDSON- Harvey Lemoy (Trevor/Rawneck/Tunna): Aage 78, late of Bath P.O.,... view ad

PERRY - Leanna: Late of Rosemount District, Linstead, St. Catherine.... view ad

BRISCOE- CASSERLEY- Winsome: Age 51 years. Late of 1A... view ad

MONTAQUE -Maurine Carmen: Late of 8 Allen Crescent, Black River... view ad

COLE - Karl: Age: 86 yrs. Late of Upper Oxford... view ad

WATT- Garcia Natalee AKA “Dun Dun”: Sunrise: April 5, 1975... view ad